Our beauty salon is where four generations have gathered, been pampered, had a few laughs and left happy with beautiful hair and nails.


A customer once said "my hair stylist is my new girlfriend!" That's the way we like it, our clients become our best friends! We always aim for this kind of relationship with our guests.


Known for having experienced stylist's, reasonable prices and a comfortable atmosphere. The Golden Comb is a full service salon for the your entire family. 


What you won't find here is your new age beauty shop, you know the place where there's lots of attitude and expensive prices. Where the music is too loud and impatient employees are just looking to get you out the door. Having the inconvenience of needing to move all over the place to wash your hair, only to look at yourself in a mirror that is tiny, when all you want to do is sit down, relax, have good conversation and be pampered.


Come in to The Golden Comb and meet your new best friends!